Our base price includes a premium ash trim package and your choice of either Ultra Carbon or Expedition Layup.  Base price for all models* in either Ultra Carbon or Expedition Layup is $4,150.

*Kisiskâciwan model has special pricing see that page for details.

Ultra Carbon Layup

The Ultra Carbon Layup is suitable for the needs of most paddlers and features a carbon outer skin reinforced sides with multiple layers of S-glass below the waterline, with more carbon, kevlar reinforcing around a 1.5mm core.  Our Ultra Layup uses a very thin core material to provide the right balance between stiffness and flexibility required for recreational use.  Depending on the model, canoes in the Ultra Carbon Layup weigh between 35-45 lbs.

Expedition Layup

Our Expedition Layup is engineered to provide you with the toughest layup possible and is meant for those who known to abuse there boats.  Expedition layup is the right choice for most outfitters and those who plan on heavy whitewater use.

Our Expedition Layup is a solid laminate hull with no core material to maximize impact absorption and includes layers of S-glass, E-glass, Kevlar and carbon strategically placed to provide true expedition strength.  In addition our Expedition  canoes feature 1/4″ diameter stainless fasteners for the seat hangers, yoke and thwarts.  Depending on the model, canoes in the expedition layup weigh between 50-60lbs

Carbon Trim Package $350

This package not only looks really sharp but decreases the weight of our standard canoe by 3-4lbs.  Our carbon trim package includes an integrated carbon inner gunnels, deck plates and seat mounts infused as part of the hull (no secondary bonding).  This package comes standard with an ash outer gunnel.

Carbon Outfitting Package $500

This package includes Integrated carbon gunnels, carbon yoke, carbon thwarts, carbon handles and carbon seats.  There is no wood on this boat.

Custom Kneeling Thwart $95

Our kneeling thwart is the most beautiful as well as comfortable addition to your canoe that we know of out there.


Sliding Bow Seat $95

Add a custom sliding bow seat to your canoe.  Great for paddling with partners of different weights


Skid Plates $150

Protect your ends from those shield rocks with custom skid plates

Grab Loops  $100

Our unique custom grab loops seal through the hull and provide a solid way to attach your grab loops.

Extreme deck covers $100

Protect the tips of your decks with our extreme kevlar covers.