Kisiskâciwan is Cree for “fast flowing” and is the original word for Saskatchewan.

The Kisiskâciwan sets a new standard for wilderness ultra marathon racing.  By far the fastest and best paddling canoe in the 4X32 18’6′” Canadian Stock Class today.   Designed to compete in ultra marathon wilderness canoe races but also recreational friendly for those wanting a fast efficient tripping canoe. This canoe meets the requirements for ultra marathon races like the Yukon River Quest and the Muskoka River X.

Winner of the 2017 Muskoka River X

Winner of the 2017 K2O



Length Beam Height Rocker
WL Max WL Gunnel Midship Bow Stern Stern Bow
 18’6″ 18’6″ 32″ 33.5 13″  16″ 16″ 0″ 2″

The Kisiskâciwan is available in our Pro Racing Layup and outfitting.

Pro Racing Layup (includes all carbon outfitting, sliding carbon seats and sliding footbrace) $4,995, large bailer installed add $250.